Nov 9, 2011

Raven Medicine Download

On Winter Solstice 2008, 
I engaged in a 10 day Death Lodge process 
in Death Valley, CA. Little did I know, 
this ceremony was initiating my decent
 into the underworld of soul, 
an 8 year journey that would take me 
deep into my shadow wounds, 
and into the core of my being, 
renaming me in this process. 
Death Valley, CA 

During my Vision Quest in Death Valley, I was visited by Raven Man, 
an entity that entered my consciousness during medicine journey 
He cawed as he flew circles above me: 

“That which you want, you are not ready for. 
You are not vibrating at the frequency that will attract the energy you want. 
You are not ready.” 

“What do you mean I’m not ready? I’m spiritual. I teach workshops. Of course I’m ready.” But I knew Raven Man was right. I knew what my inner landscape was like. I knew the words I called myself, how I limited possibilities in my thoughts & inner dialogue, and how I was shut down by defense mechanisms against fuller living. I was not vibrating at the frequency of that which I wanted... and so my relationship with Raven Man began.
I took this medicine download and worked it rather diligently into my life. Over the course of a year, I worked it down into my Brow Chakra, witnessing patterns of thinking and imagining restrictive to my expansiveness. I channeled the medicine down into my Throat Chakra and worked the medicine into my inner dialogue, shifting the resonant vibration of my inner landscape. 
When I brought the medicine down into my Heart Chakra, I was again visited by Raven Man, this time in the form of a lucid dream. In the dream, I was walking along a strip mall. I looked to my left inside a shop, and through the plate glass window, saw Raven Man. This time he was not in the form of a bird, but in the form of a man. Our eyes locked. The power of the moment, and the gravity of our connection spooked me so much, I ran along the black asphalt of the parking lot and jumped into a frozen lake. Piercing the layer of thin ice, I plunged into the ice cold water, numbing myself. Raven Man came out of the store, pulled me from the frozen lake and cradled me in his arms, tending me back to warmth and life. I open my eyes. He walked away. I was still not ready. 
Oh my goodness! I’m still not ready! I've been working this medicine for 2 years! Are you serious! Committed to the process, I worked this energy down into my Solar Chakra, doing the work of aligning my actions and intentions with the power of my highest frequencies. In this process I found myself deep in conversation with Raven Man, his message was clear: “You are not going to meet me in San Diego. You need to move to the ecology of my species.” It was this message that planted the seed for my move from San Diego to Colorado. 
When I moved to Denver, I was instantly immersed in community that showed me a whole new definition of the masculine. I found myself surrounded by men, yummy juicy men, that were loving fathers, attentive lovers and joyful friends. These men owned their masculine energy and honored the feminine in sacred ways. This was a huge paradigm shift for me. This was not the model of masculine I grew up with. This new interaction with the masculine brought Raven Man energy down into my Sacral Chakra.  Dancing weekly in the sacred space of Rhythm Sanctuary enabled me to bring this medicine down into personal, embodied being...feeling it and being moved by it. 
Then winter came, my first one in Denver. I got consumed with living in snow and basement clearing that I forgot all about Raven Man. That is, until I bumped into a man soul that brought this energy back into my life full force. This interaction reignited Raven Man energy in my life, this time in flesh and blood right in front of me. I did not run into the frozen lake to numb myself, but rather stood my ground and claimed Raven Man energy in manifest Root Chakra form.   
This 3 year adventure of bringing the Divine Masculine down my Chakras in the form of Raven Man transformed me deeply. I came to see that I was Raven all along. Raven was not separate from me. It had been me all along, fathering myself through this transformation, mentoring my evolution. In this revelation, I merged with Raven and claimed it as my new name  

Death Valley, CA. Image by Raven Shree 

Raven Man Introduction: Image by Raven Shree 

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