Mar 18, 2014

Inner Child Healing

Yesterday I shared the SoulCollage card I pulled from the Direction of North in my final Medicine Wheel reading of Winter 2014. Today I share the card I pulled from the direction of East. As I step into Spring, calling in vital, passionate infused intimacy with the masculine, this card speaks beautifully to the new beginnings of how my inner child will engage in this process too.

SoulCollage Card and Poem by Raven Shree 
There are parts of my little girl calling to open 
calling to trust 
parts of me that were stunted from growing 
that are now ready to stand upon the welcome mat of life 
and say YES! 

I open the Feminine in me 
and reach out to the masculine 
knowing the same love of the divine 
beats in both our hearts.
I am a grown woman now 
and no longer fear the masculine's attempt to kill me, 
control me, consume me, annihilate me. 
That is in the past; that little girl is no longer in physical form
however she still has an energetic place in me - 
I reach out from this place and trust that man can love me.

I offer myself as joy and light 

knowing some stag out there would hop with joy to have me ride him 
There is man out there that wants to take care of me,
protect me, love me, and cherish me as the soft feminine being that I am.
I will allow this and cherish;
not as a broken little girl needing daddy, 
but as a woman with a little girl 
open to receiving and cherishing love and affection. 

Mar 17, 2014

Final Days of Winter

As we enter in to the final days of Winter, I reflect on one of my past SoulCollage creations.

I have turned the traumas of my childhood into wisdom 
into the elixir of my queen-dome
I have gone though many cycles of death and rebirth, faced many a shadow 
finding colorful expressions of me along the way. 

I have evolved from broken, unwanted, fearful and sad…
into power, grace, courage, and me. 
Magic was not handed to me 
I had to apprentice to the journey of evolution 
of disintegration into blooming 

I have walked a solo path through many winters of the soul 
along the way I've met wise sages, animal spirits,  
and most importantly my own soul. 
This journey has offered me depth and power 
magical presence that's become a part of how I live in the world

…although I am grateful for winter, and the medicine it brings into my world
I am super happy Spring is right around the corner!!!