Jul 16, 2012

Meeting My Mountain

Meeting My Mountain 
Over the past several months, my prayers have become ritual and ceremony, sometimes hours long. I pray with and to: the river, the mountains, the flesh of my community in ecstatic dance. I am coming to understand that ritual and sacred communion is a fundamental aspect of being Raven Shree. The more I claim this as part of my Soul Work, the greater the intensity and velocity of my Soul Journey becomes. 
About a month ago I was in the mountains praying in the river. Wild fires were raging throughout Colorado. Many people were praying for rain. We so wanted relief from the destruction happening throughout our communities. Standing on a mountain, in a river, I prayed for the rivers and streams to be arteries of respite for fleeing animals and soothing comfort for the heat-exhausted weary. Honoring the element of water with gratitude, humility and presence. I cried tears into the stream. Adding to the volume of safety I was praying for others, grieving to offer something of value to those who needed it.  
Shortly after this prayer-formance, in another section of forest, I saw an Entity. It happened so suddenly. It explored in front of my face. I saw it with my own eyes; tasted its grit in my mouth. The experience shook me; I had never experienced anything like that before. I contemplated this event for several days and came to understand that if I am going to pray big for the Light, I must also be able to stand up big to the Dark. It’s about balance. The deeper I go with claiming Raven Shree, the deeper I enter into both realms, both Light and Dark. Yin and Yang. 
Wowee - what a lesson. This experience on the mountain was part of my training, and I was ready to answer the call. The following weekend, I packed up my magical tools, knowing a bit more about what to expect, and set out, back to the mountain. This time alone, this time at night. I would spend the day playing in the Light, honoring the element of Shree, then descend into Dark as Raven and see what else I could learn from the Forest Entity. 

read about that adventure in the next post...