Aug 20, 2012

Corporate Name Change

SoulCollage card I created that
represents this aspect of my life.

Many of you are not aware that I work in corporate america. I have been at my "day job" as a Sales & Marketing manager at a software development company (FDS) for over 18 years. Following is the email I just sent the whole company about my name change....this was a big step for me. It will be interesting to see how my energy dynamics change in the work place as I bring more Raven Shree into this aspect of my life. 

Hello Everyone in FDS land,
Jenni  Holloway here in Denver, CO….but not for long.
No, I am not moving from Denver, however, I am changing my name.

Over the past 2 years of living in Colorado, I’ve deeply immersed myself in nature; going out almost every weekend; exploring and communing with the mountains, rivers, mammals, insects, skyscapes….it’s all so delicious. The deeper I dive into my eco-logical self, the more SoulFULL my personal journey of evolution takes me. This immersion into nature has taken me into a deepening sense of who I want to be, and has played a large role in my name change.  There are MANY stories and meanings I could share with you to highlight the hows and whys of my name change, but that would be a REALLY LONG EMAIL….so here is a summary.

Holloway: I have not been in relationship with my biological family for almost 25 years. I am no longer part of that clan and to continue claiming their name makes no soulfull sense. I have wanted to release this name for years….and now I am, legally. It feels wonderful.

Jenni:  This name has served me well for 40 years. I appreciate and honor all the friendships, experiences and lessons this identity has brought into my life. However, I have outgrown this moniker. It no longer fits who I am, or who I want to be.  Many of you have known me as Jenni for years, and calling me by a new name will be challenging at first (it surely was for me).  It will take time to switch, however at this point, the only people left in my life that call me “Jenni” are my relationships at FDS…so now it’s time to start changing that.  

Shree:  My new last name is Shree. In Sanskrit the word Shree means “the effervescent light of the Divine”.  Light, joy, inspiration, radiance; these are all aspects of my soul gift. By claiming this name, I am more fully stepping into a vibrant aspect of my being and what I am here to offer the world. By claiming this as my last name, I am claiming a new family; I now belong to the tribe of Lightworkers.  Powerful Stuff.

Raven: My new first name is Raven. It seemed so improbable at first. On the surface, I associated it with black hair and a goth look. However, I’ve been working with Raven Totem Medicine for over 5 years, and the deeper I go with it, the more I have come to understand that this is the new name to carry me forward.  Raven calls in magic and mystery, and is a powerful shapeshifter. Raven teaches me how to father myself and deepens my underworld journey of soul.  

So, yes, my new name is Raven Shree.  A powerful name that honors the dark and light, the yin and the yang. I love it!

I am in the process of changing my name legally. I’ve completed my FBI and CBI background checks and have a court appearance soon for final approval. Then I move on to changing my SSN and drivers license. Once that is in place, it will be time to change my name on FDS stuff, which will probably start happening in a couple months.

Changing ones complete name is an intense and amazing experience. Living the identity of Jenni Holloway served me well for almost 40 years. However, it is time for me to release the confines of my first adulthood, so I can step more fully into the second adulthood I am creating - one based more fully on authenticity and soul. This is a huge milestone in my life path and I am excited about what the future holds. Thanks for letting me share a piece of my story and life with you, and thanks for reading this email all the way through.

Starting tomorrow I will be on a week-long vacation celebrating the completion of my 40th year of life (another big milestone in my life).I will connect with you on the other side when I get back into the office on August 28th.

Many blessings to each and every one of you!
Ms. Raven Shree