Jan 28, 2013

Global Warming & the Pine Beetle

In my Naturalist training with the Audubon Society we've been exploring the effects of increased CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in our atmosphere, and how what is going on in Colorado effects the larger world.

The current increase of CO2 in our atmosphere comes largely from burning fossil fuels, such as combusting coal, driving cars and flying planes (basically participating in the western way of living we've created since the industrial revolution). This increase of CO2 is a leading cause of the global warming effects we are experiencing and leaving for our children and future generations. 

One of the models we explored was how the effects of the Colorado Pine Beetle ties into the larger ecological processes happening in the world. As many of you know, large amounts of pine trees are dying in Colorado due to the Pine Beetle. We have always had the Pine Beetle, but many of them would die off in the cold winters, which kept their effects contained. Due to global warming, winters in Colorado are not cold enough to kill the Pine Beetle, which has enabled them to proliferate at extreme rates, killing 80-90% of the pine trees in many Colorado counties. 

Trees are not only dying in Colorado, forests are dying all over the world, due to heat and water stress, deforestation and fire. As a result, more and more of the trees that take in and cleanse CO2 from our atmosphere are being reduced. CO2 has to go somewhere, and a lot of it is making it's way into our oceans, which in turn is making our oceans more acidic. Marine life forms the foundation of our food chain on so many levels. To turn our oceans into acid...well, that's just not a vital solution for the future if we want a healthy planet.  

Now back to the trees.... We have less snow falling, with less trees providing shade, which means the snow we do get melts faster, which means our drier summers are more intense, and with less water supplies fires becomes more destructive, which means more trees get destroyed, releasing more CO2 into the air... and the cycle continues and increases. 

Wowee...so much interconnectedness with what happens in one area of the world and how it affects everything else. The planet has gone through many shifts in it many billion of years; species have been wiped out due to many factors, and that may be a cycle we are moving into now. Those of you with children want a vital, alive and healthy place for your offspring to prosper. Those of us in love affairs with nature want the ecology of the planet to be healthy and vital, so animals can continue to rear their young and the oceans can continue to be clean waterways for life. So what can we do....?

Jan 9, 2013

First New Moon of 2013

SoulCollage card I created to honor
my New Year Intentions.

What a powerful moon cycle this has been! I remember the beginning of this cycle, the New Moon on Dec 13th, on the other side of The Shift, and setting my intentions for how I wanted to be present, receptive and authentic as I moved through the portal into the New Era. 

That buildup culminated in a beautiful celebration at Rhythm Sanctuary’s Winter Solstice event on Dec 20th, with amazing and profound insights activated. 

Then the moon became full on Dec 28. I celebrated this fullness with members of my community by “Spiraling through the Chakras” at an event I hosted at my home temple. Then, as the moon began to wane, I entered into a 6 day Death Lodge process, engaging in deep devotional work, honoring the shedding and release of the old. 

My first steps into the New Era were not bold and adventurous, they were tentative and hesitant. “How do I integrate my ideas and desires of transformation into an embodied reality?” 

This type of questioning supports my intention for this new year, which is to live the questions. My desire is not to define everything, but rather to live the questions:  “How can I love more fully today?” “How can I be more authentic in this now?” “How can I be a Clear Channel for the light?” Living these questions, and recommitting to them over and over again, and somewhere along the way, the answers will find their way into my soul, into my life, into my constant reality. 

And so here we are now, coming to the end of this powerful moon cycle, getting ready to enter back into the dark phase of the new moon, a time fertile with possibility. A great time to recommit to your soul intentions, to the new era you are birthing through how you live your life, internally and externally.  

What questions are you living?