Nov 10, 2016

The Day After...

This blog entry was written the day after the 2016 US elections that Donald trump won the Presidency. 

I did it. 
After praying and crying most of the night. 
on very little sleep, I put in a full days work 
at both jobs. 

I talked with parents regarding their concerns 
about how to tell their children 
why and how the “mean bully” won presidency. 

I talked to people that voted for Trump. 
I heard the message, ‘
“I do not like his character, but I like his policies.”  
This makes me think of women 
marrying men who are assholes
but they are rich 
so they disregard content of character. 

I had several business meetings today 
during which no one talked about the subject matter, 
it was business as usual, 
but not really…
I showed up differently. 
I stood in my power more. 

I have to compromise less now. 
There is more opposition coming into the light. 
I must take advantage of my resources; 
my spirit 
my special super hero powers 
more then ever.

This is what I have been training for. 
It is time for me to step 
more fully 
into this second adulthood 
I have been crafting. 
Bringing soul work 
more alive into how I live my life 
and how I bring the service of me 
into community mentorship 
and heart centered leadership. 
(all while being human 
and still on my own evolutionary journey
into wholeness) 

The essence of Trump
and the critical mass supporting him  
and his ideologies 
against people, the planet, compassion….
seems daunting.
However, I must stand up to it,
and stand up to myself as well. 
I must stare in the mirror
and see my own beauty, my own strength 
my own need to meet this ache 
of the universal soul 
as it screams on this 
evolution wave through humanity. 

I must mother this moment with compassion 
Father this now into accountability. 
and love it, in the ravishing 
and soul stirring way 
that I love. 

This is a call to action
I am answering.