Mar 26, 2017

Moon Passage into Spring

This is the last day of the Moon Cycle that brought us through the portal, into this new season from the arms of Winter.  Today is a powerful day for final release ceremony. 
  • What farewells and hellos are coming through for you?
  • How can your living today honor these impulses of spirit coming through during this amazing time of passage? 

Tomorrow is the first New Moon of Spring. 
A potent time to plant seeds, in the pregnant void of new beginnings breathing newness into your being now. 
  • What mystery will you sing to under the dark moon tomorrow evening to celebrate your rebirth? 
  • How can your living today pave the way towards your ceremony of living the Now of Always? 

and all things

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. are some of my Moon Passage SoulCollage cards.... 

Mar 21, 2017

SoulCollage Tarot: The Masculine Edge

Throughout Winter I created SoulCollage cards for the first 3 major arcana cards in a Tarot deck; The Fool, The Magician and The High Priestess

Most of the cards in my deck have female imagery on them, which is fitting since it's my personal deck. However, I wanted to bring more masculine energy into my deck, and into my life, so I focused on creating SoulCollage cards with male imagery on them. 

Creating cards for The Fool, Magician, and High Priestess with male imagery on them was a powerful process on many levels. As I explored these energies through art, I was able to better honor these forces in the men around me. Also, as I created these cards, I found myself cultivating more relationships with men in my life, which has been a super nice side effect of SoulCollage! 

Spring SoulCollage
With the activation of Spring upon us, I am resuming my SoulCollage journey through Tarot, picking up where I left off, and focusing on The Empress and The Emperor. These archetypal forces are core aspects of my vision for partnership. As I explore these energies throughout the season, through both male and female lenses, I will be able to more fully honor and cultivate these types of connections in my personal life...which will support me in creating my Lover cards for my deck...and hopefully bring this energy into my life as well! 

Here are some of the male themed SoulCollage cards I created for my SoulCollage deck this winter. I look forward to deepening this aspect of my prayer to continue cultivating my relationship with the Divine Masculine. 

The Fool: The Hero Starts out on the Journey 
The Magician: Has all the tools to engage with life.
Ability to work with the elements:

Nov 10, 2016

The Day After...

This blog entry was written the day after the 2016 US elections that Donald trump won the Presidency. 

I did it. 
After praying and crying most of the night. 
on very little sleep, I put in a full days work 
at both jobs. 

I talked with parents regarding their concerns 
about how to tell their children 
why and how the “mean bully” won presidency. 

I talked to people that voted for Trump. 
I heard the message, ‘
“I do not like his character, but I like his policies.”  
This makes me think of women 
marrying men who are assholes
but they are rich 
so they disregard content of character. 

I had several business meetings today 
during which no one talked about the subject matter, 
it was business as usual, 
but not really…
I showed up differently. 
I stood in my power more. 

I have to compromise less now. 
There is more opposition coming into the light. 
I must take advantage of my resources; 
my spirit 
my special super hero powers 
more then ever.

This is what I have been training for. 
It is time for me to step 
more fully 
into this second adulthood 
I have been crafting. 
Bringing soul work 
more alive into how I live my life 
and how I bring the service of me 
into community mentorship 
and heart centered leadership. 
(all while being human 
and still on my own evolutionary journey
into wholeness) 

The essence of Trump
and the critical mass supporting him  
and his ideologies 
against people, the planet, compassion….
seems daunting.
However, I must stand up to it,
and stand up to myself as well. 
I must stare in the mirror
and see my own beauty, my own strength 
my own need to meet this ache 
of the universal soul 
as it screams on this 
evolution wave through humanity. 

I must mother this moment with compassion 
Father this now into accountability. 
and love it, in the ravishing 
and soul stirring way 
that I love. 

This is a call to action
I am answering.

Dec 23, 2014

Winter Rooting

It’s winter. 
Extraneous things 
have fallen into mulch 
and we are left 
in the bareness 
of being. 

Trees have shed their leaves; 
Sap has moved back into core. 
Roots extend down into soil 
for deeper anchor into foundation.

Rather then branches extending out into air 
Underground branches push down 
into ashes of ancestors  
absorbing nutrients for growth 
and future bloomings.

Trees are great teachers 
for Wintering and Rooting. 
Here are some Mindful Musings 
for your pondering...   

Mindful Musings

  • What extraneous things have you released this season, this year, this life?
  • Contemplate the bareness of being. How does this feel? What does it inspire? 
  • How does Winter anchor you into your foundation? 
  • How do you absorb nutrients from the ashes of your ancestors

Sep 26, 2014

New Moon Gratitude 2: Dance

Continuing to honor the sweet beginnings of Autumns first new moon. Tonight, I bow in deep gratitude for something very dear in my life...DANCE.
Dance has been a core aspect of my life. Dance is how I move feelings through my being. Dance is how I express soul and play with spirit. It is how I find myself, and how I let others find me.
When I was young, jazz class was therapy for me. It provided me with a safe place away from my parents to emote and process the energies of growing up in my household.
In high school I choreographed dance routines for flag teams and cheerleaders. In my twenties I taught ballroom and latin dance classes at Arthur Murray's dance studio (and was the first person to bring Hip Hop classes to the franchise)
4 years ago I moved to Denver and found myself welcomed into the ecstatic dance community of Rhythm Sanctuary. Being a part of this tribe 500+ people strong has been deep medicine for me. It not only supports my individual expression and evolution, it bridges connections between my heart and the hearts of others.
Dance is a powerful and primal language that unites communities, cultures and lovers. Dance shares prayer between bodies, bringing our species together in rhythmic and primal ways to explore and express the energies we all experience simply by being human.
Happiness, sadness, anger, hope, love, strength, fear...these are all emotions we share as humans. They are the waves of energy that ebb and flow through us as we travel the spiral of life and death. Dancing with self and others supports us in honoring and celebrating the collective in beautiful, integrative ways.
I am so grateful I have a body that can move, a soul that has deep longings, and a spirit full of fire. These elements within me find voice through dance and I am so grateful for this creative outlet in my life.

Sep 25, 2014

New Moon Gratitude 1: Body

Tonight is the first new Moon of Autumn 2014; a powerful time to set sacred intention for the upcoming season of harvest and release.
To honor passage from my Heart Chakra Summer into my Throat Chakra Autumn, I will be expressing (chakra 5) gratitude (chakra 4) each day during the waxing phase of this moon cycle. This is a great way to cross the bridge from my heart up into the expressive channel of my throat.
To initiate this process I start with the Root Chakra. I am thankful for my body. It is healthy. It is strong. It is durable. It is flexible.
I am thankful for the cells in my heart that have their own proactive rhythm that keeps me alive and active. I'm grateful for the white blood cells coursing through my veins that fight off infection and help me heal quickly.
I'm thankful to have my limbs, my organs, my senses and my flesh to protect and hug me to my core.
There are so many people in this world that have debilitating illnesses and minimized capabilities for movement. At some point I may be one of them. So right now, and as many moments as I can bring my attention to, I honor my body as an amazing vessel for spirit.
I am thankful my body evolved from sperm and egg, into an organism that can breath air, absorb nutrients and expel wastes. I am thankful for the strength of my muscles to propel me through this world, so that I can move towards things that bring me pleasure (and away from that which brings me pain).
What a gift, this flesh being I get to ride around in. Thank you body for all that you are, all that you support and all that you embody in this world. I bow to you and intend to treat you with deep respect, honoring the animal of your being through my fullest living.

Jul 21, 2014

Private SoulCollage Readings

Over the past several months I've been expanding the services I offer through E3 Alchemy. When I moved from San Diego to Denver, I took a break from teaching and focused on landing in my new home and creating community. Now that I am entering YEAR 5 of living in Denver, it is time for me to engage my passions, skills and soul purpose and stand more fully in what I want to do.

Many of you know me as the SoulCollage lady. I've been offering Intro classes and Creative Studio along the front range for the past 3 years and have grown a sweet little community here of SoulCollager's here. I have started offering private SoulCollage readings - amazing journeys that use Sacred Symbols as access points to your own wisdom. I love offering these adventures and would love to book one with you!

Since I am kicking this new service off, and getting the word out there, I am offering a sweet cost structure for this service throughout Summer. I do readings around Body, Mind, Spirit, the Medicine Wheel and the Chakras.

Knowledge of SoulCollage is not needed to participate. You will have access to many powerful imagery stations to work with in your private session. Those of you already creating SOulCollage, bring your cards to your reading and dive deeper into your creations.