Mar 21, 2017

SoulCollage Tarot: The Masculine Edge

Throughout Winter I created SoulCollage cards for the first 3 major arcana cards in a Tarot deck; The Fool, The Magician and The High Priestess

Most of the cards in my deck have female imagery on them, which is fitting since it's my personal deck. However, I wanted to bring more masculine energy into my deck, and into my life, so I focused on creating SoulCollage cards with male imagery on them. 

Creating cards for The Fool, Magician, and High Priestess with male imagery on them was a powerful process on many levels. As I explored these energies through art, I was able to better honor these forces in the men around me. Also, as I created these cards, I found myself cultivating more relationships with men in my life, which has been a super nice side effect of SoulCollage! 

Spring SoulCollage
With the activation of Spring upon us, I am resuming my SoulCollage journey through Tarot, picking up where I left off, and focusing on The Empress and The Emperor. These archetypal forces are core aspects of my vision for partnership. As I explore these energies throughout the season, through both male and female lenses, I will be able to more fully honor and cultivate these types of connections in my personal life...which will support me in creating my Lover cards for my deck...and hopefully bring this energy into my life as well! 

Here are some of the male themed SoulCollage cards I created for my SoulCollage deck this winter. I look forward to deepening this aspect of my prayer to continue cultivating my relationship with the Divine Masculine. 

The Fool: The Hero Starts out on the Journey 
The Magician: Has all the tools to engage with life.
Ability to work with the elements:

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