Jun 4, 2014

Dancing Tree Lessons

On my recent road trip through Utah, I connected with Tree, an old teacher, one I am remembering and reconnecting with. Click here to read mytho-poem I wrote as I apprenticed to Tree. 

I took this lesson from Tree into ceremony space 
and community Ecstatic Dance. Here is how the medicine flowed through...

I started out exploring my various purpi 
(is that plural for purpose?) 
I embodied the purpose of my roots 
and my animal purpose to live. 

I expanded into the bark of my being 
embodying my purpose 
of being support and shelter for others. 
I extended my arms up and out into the world 
baring fruit and blossoming outward. 

I explored and embodied the theme of absorbing; 
absorbing the vitality of my community, 
my dance partners, my breath, the vitality of others. 

I explored and embodied the theme of releasing;
and in this practice, 
came to see I defined releasing as something bad. 
I noticed that I had shame around having things that need released. 
I mean...shouldn’t I be more evolved by now?

My understanding of releasing transformed through this dance.  
I was able to better understand the ebb and flow
of giving and receiving
of absorbing and releasing. 
They are both necessary parts of the cycle
if I did not have anything to release, 
I would be dead. 
the exhale is just as necessary as the inhale! 

As I danced with others, 
I received their vitality, and my inhale. 
I also released anything that prevented me 
from being in the fullness of that moment and connection, 
and honored the exhale as part of this process. 

oh how I love releasing now! 

I bow in gratitude to the trees of our planet, 
the elders that provide shelter, food, 
wisdom, oxygen, inspiration, company
and entrance into deeper embodied experiences. 

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