Jun 25, 2012

Power Medicine is Afoot

This weekend, I saw a massive entity in the forest. He was huge and possessive. When I entered into the place of the land, I could feel the transition into the eerie and intense. I felt the power of this entity wanting to take possession inside of me. Powerful opportunity for me to engage my boundaries and power. 
Then I saw him, he was huge, the size of a basketball court. He exploded in front of me, like white, moving smoke. I felt the soot of his grim, slam against my body. It was intense. I circled the space, holding my power and awe of the force I was in relationship with. 
Upon completing my circle of the land, I moved out of the space, honoring the lesson of witnessing a real and intense force in this world; seeing it with my own eyes, touching its molecules with my awareness. Power medicine is afoot. 

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