Jun 14, 2012

Claiming my Flesh Signature

I recently got fingerprinted for my legal name change and what an amazing experience that turned out to be. Meditating on my fingertips before my appointment, realizing I am claiming these as Raven Shree, I came to deeply honor how my hands have become a vital part of my unique delivery system of soul to the world. Through touch, massage, and energetic attunement, my hands have become a powerful way for me to connect with others and be a conduit for spirit and consciousness.  
Diving deeper into connecting with my hands and attuning them to Raven Shree for my fingerprinting experience, I bless each fingertip as an extension of my heart wings. Claiming Raven as my first name puts me in the aviary realm of flight, deeper into the species of bird, into the element of air, which of course, governs the Heart Chakra. The deeper I go with claiming my new name, the deeper the medicine takes me on my soul journey. 
I massage each arm, blessing them as extensions of my heart wings, thanking them for the many flights of giving and receiving they have brought into my life; the countless hugs, the heavy loads lifted, the precious life forms embraced. What a blessing to have arms and hands, to be able to reach out with, and push away from; to take pictures with, to create art with, to move gracefully by my side as I walk this earth. 
Massaging my right wrist, I reflect on past traumas experienced with this arm in my childhood. Noticing how I labeled my right arm as my “bad arm” for most of my life, anchoring in pain and trauma, rather then the strength this arm has cultivated to overcome obstacles. Releasing definitions of weakness as I release my birth name, and claiming Strength and Fortitude as I claim Raven Shree. 
I have so much appreciation for my hands and fingers, and the connection to life they offer me and those I come into contact with. I bless each fingertip, knowing each one has a unique signature, one that I am claiming as the flesh signature of Raven Shree. 

Another step taken in claiming my new name...

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