Apr 7, 2011

Eat. Pray. Love.

SoulCollage created by Raven Shree
The book “Eat. Pray. Love.” by Elizabeth Gilbert has had a powerful influence in my life. The
first time I read the book, I was inspired by the writing and the adventurous nature of the main character (Elizabeth). The second time I read the book, I was inspired to “get out of my marriage” to San Diego and move to Colorado. My third time interacting with this story line was through the movie starring Julia Roberts...and yet again, I was moved into deeper levels of self-awareness and the plot line of my own life. 

During the “Eat” portion of this adventure, the main character spends 4 months in Italy, with the sole intention of indulging in the pleasurable act of eating. During this time she is also separating herself from the pain of her past relationships, getting used to being alone, and also learning the sensual language of the new place she is living in. 
Having been in Denver for 8 months, I feel as if this is the stage I am moving through myself. Denver definitely has a new language of living, and it is quite sensual and pleasure based. As I explore this language, I am coming to deeper awareness around the theme of over-indulgence and how it influences various aspects of my life.   
In the second phase of this adventure, Elizabeth goes to India for 4 months to Pray. After months of indulgence in Italy, she finds it challenging to sit in silence and simply be with herself. I feel deep in my bones that I’m ready to move into my India stage. As I take steps towards creating this transition, I too am finding it difficult to sit in silence and be with myself. I’m easily distracted, I have a ton of excuses, and my mind is constantly on the go.   
One of the main turning points in India for Elizabeth is around the theme of forgiveness. As she deepens her daily practice of sitting with herself without all the distractions, she finds herself moving into deep stages of forgiveness, both for herself and others. This takes her into the peace she was searching for, and serves as a bridge for her transition her into the Bali stage of her adventure, where she ultimately finds love and happiness. 
As I deepen my daily practice, and sit in what bubbles up for me, without the over-indulgence of addictions and habits that numb me, I too will be able to open up to deeper levels of forgiveness, for others and myself. This is needed for me to move into my Bali stage, where I hope to enter into sacred union with other. Ultimately wanting a relationship that integrates the pleasures of Italy with the divinity of India into a merged union of Bali love and happiness. 
Thank you Elizabeth for having the courage to take this journey and for the inspiration to share your tale with others. Your book has inspired many people, myself included. I send blessings to everyone that you too can create sacred ways in your life to integrate pleasure, peace, and love in a way that enhances your life and all of those you come into contact with.  Lets keep inspiring one another. Nameste my friends. 

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