Sep 30, 2010


I recently celebrated my 3 month anniversary in my new home town of Denver, Colorado. Moving from San Diego to Denver had many people asking Why? For a lot of people, this did not seem like a logical move. To me it was a no-brainer. And while there were many feelings, desires, and events that lead to my final decision to move, here are a few of the important ones.
In San Diego I lived in an 850 sq ft apartment. This space served me well for many years, however, I had outgrown it and was ready to live in a House with a Yard. Living in San Diego on a single income made this dream challenging to manifest, so I expanded the perimeter of what was possible in my life. During this exercise, old dreams of wanting to live in Colorado surfaced. It was also at this time that the Sacred Shortness of Life was brought to my attention. This encouraged me to take the leap and go for it. I said yes, surrendered to the Divine and let her lead the way. 
One of my deepest passions is Nature & Wildlife photography. I absolutely love it. It fulfills me on so many levels and is a form of deep meditation for me. Living in San Diego limited my access to Big Nature and I found myself taking lots of vacations to get "my photo groove" on. Colorado was a top consideration for my move as it would put me in the center of Wild, Rugged Nature. Living in Colorado these past 3 months has introduced me to a whole new range of bugs, birds, mammals, plants and trees to study, shoot and share with the world through my photography. 
Having lived in San Diego most of my life (minus a few years as a teenager when I lived in Oklahoma), I was ready for a change. I was entrenched in habits, routines, relationships and energy patterns that no longer served my highest vibrational frequency. I was ready for big change and I knew that meant I had  to do something big. Moving to the other side of the mountains seemed to fit the bill. 

I enjoyed my first summer in Denver. You can see photos of it by following this link. I am excited about the change of seasons and getting some snow shots for my portfolio. Living through the seasons will put me into deeper communion with the divine cycles of nature, and also deepen my practice of authentic being. I give gratitude and thanks to the Divine for holding me during this transition. I am honored to be alive and to be a participant in this world community. 
When have you listened to the Call of Spirit and taken a leap? I would love to hear your stories of Surrender and Trust. Lets spread the word of Divine Grace throughout this blog by sharing our stories of True Alignment. 


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