Apr 1, 2010

The Front Range

The lease on my San Diego apartment expires in a couple months. I’ve been in this location for 7 years, and although it has served me well, I am ready for something new!!! I want a place where I can look out my window and see nature and wildlife. I want to move from apartment living into a house with a yard so I can grow a garden and have community gatherings around a fire pit.

As I get clarity on my Soul Needs, Colorado comes to mind as a possible new place to live. It would get me closer to nature, get me more in tune with the seasons of nature, and position me in an environment that will attune my spirit more fully with the grace of the divine.

I decide to go on a personal business trip of sorts to check things out and see if moving to Colorado is a possibility for me. I set off for a couple weeks to explore the Front Range, which consists of cities located on the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains, such as Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs.

The first thing I need to bring up about possibly moving to Colorado is that it snows...a lot. This would be a huge change for me, having lived in San Diego most of my life. I’ve talked to several people that live on the Front Range and they all seem to say the same thing...when it snows, it does so for short periods of time (like a day or two) and the sun shines most of the time so it makes it easier to deal with.

I can see how the sun shining would be a huge benefit, however, there is still the bundling up against the cold and the wind, and let's not forget the shoveling of snow. I found out that cities in this area even have laws requiring that you shovel the walkways in front of your house. That seems like a lot of work to me.

Even through the idea of living with snow is crazy to me, when I check in with my Soul Needs, I discover that I am aching to more fully experience the change of the seasons. In San Diego, the weather pretty much stays the same all year round, which is fabulous on many levels, however, living closer to the elements and experiencing the 4 seasons would enable me to go deeper with my personal evolution and connect me more fully to the forces that sustain and inspire me.

I’m excited about the Soul Journey I’m stepping into with my upcoming move. A lot of changes are on the horizon for me and I am honored to share my experiences and mindful musings with you along the way.

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