Dec 23, 2014

Winter Rooting

It’s winter. 
Extraneous things 
have fallen into mulch 
and we are left 
in the bareness 
of being. 

Trees have shed their leaves; 
Sap has moved back into core. 
Roots extend down into soil 
for deeper anchor into foundation.

Rather then branches extending out into air 
Underground branches push down 
into ashes of ancestors  
absorbing nutrients for growth 
and future bloomings.

Trees are great teachers 
for Wintering and Rooting. 
Here are some Mindful Musings 
for your pondering...   

Mindful Musings

  • What extraneous things have you released this season, this year, this life?
  • Contemplate the bareness of being. How does this feel? What does it inspire? 
  • How does Winter anchor you into your foundation? 
  • How do you absorb nutrients from the ashes of your ancestors

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