Jun 17, 2013

Eye to Eye With Bear

Several years ago I did a solo twilight hike in the Shenandoah mountain range in Virginia. 

As I walked along a narrow path, I noticed a clearing ahead. I felt an energy pulsating from it, however, I couldn’t discern if it was “good” or “bad”. I  proceeded forward cautiously, and when I got there, it was ablaze with life and wonderfully amazing. 

Flowers were blooming, insects buzzing, birds singing, deer grazing. I got down on my knee and started shooting the scenery, enjoying the profound beauty singing to my spirit through color, texture and sound.

...Then all of a sudden everything went quiet. The birds flew away, the deer bounded into the thicket, even the insects disappeared. It went completely still and silent in an instant. 

I had no idea what happened, and all I could see was through my viewfinder. I slowly lowered my camera, turned around, and came face to face, with Bear. Eye to eye, with not a blade of grass between us....we dove into each others souls, it was instantaneous. 

There was a soul moment of breath, of consciousness, of kindred spirits merging. The moment was so profound, tears came to eyes. I was there, on my knees, in front of this bear, in the wild, by myself, having soul union with Bear Medicine, for the first time ever. It was deep loving making. 

I slowly rose from my knee and started chanting in Sanskrit. Sacred words from ancient elders, the many names of the divine. Our eyes stayed locked, soul to soul, Bear and I. Then he did this thing with his shoulder, and in that movement I understood his power even deeper. I’ve seen images of Bear in Indian drawings and never understood why they made their shoulders so big. Seeing this bear in the wild, I totally got it.  

I saw how he used the muscle mass in his shoulder to initiate the lift in his front arm. It was as if the ripple of movement started in his core and moved out from there. He shook his head and snorted, an action I interpreted as “Thank you for seeing me.” Bear wanted to be seen, witnessed, and acknowledged, and I did just that. 

He sauntered off the trail, walking away as I slowly started to back up, still chanting with tears of deep gratitude flowing.  After we parted ways, the totality of the experience washed over me. Holey Moley, I just came face to face with a Bear!!! 

A wave of adrenaline, fear, excitement ripped through me. I walked the trail back to my cabin, full of life, amazement, and joy to be alive. This experience transformed me in so many ways, teaching me deep lessons of courage, power, presence, love, kinship, beauty.... 

This is a SoulCollage card I created to honor this experience. Whenever I look at this card, it is an instant reminder of my connection to Bear and the lessons that came through from our interaction. 

This is a great example of how SoulCollage can be used to capture the learnings and insights of your life. Sacred imagery to capture sacred moment in your visual autobiography.  

This expiernace brought Bear into my life as my Solar Chakra Spirit Guide. I am forever grateful and moved to great deaths from this memory. 

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