Oct 16, 2011

Dancing With No Name

A couple nights after my Death Lodge experience with my father it became clear to me that it was time to release his name from mine. I have been wanting a new name since I moved to Colorado, and it’s been interesting to experience how that intention is moving through. 
As part of my Naming Rites of Passage, I took this experience to the dance floor at Rhythm Sanctuary. My intention for our shamanic trance was to dance with no last name, and be in the experience of what that felt like. To dance in the release of my fathers energy, and see what spaces and possibilities open up due to his absence. 
At the end of our dance, we sit together in a community circle to share our experiences in trance and break fast by passing food around. It’s always interesting to see who spirit aligns you with week to week, to sit next to at the end. The evening I danced with no last name was no different. 
The man sitting to my right is new to the community, and I have a little bit of a crush on him. As we sat side by side in circle, I placed my right hand on his thigh. Being present in the moment of connection and observing what showed up. On my left, was a residual energy trail of my father leaving. On my right, a new presence of masculine energy.  These polarities pulled my chest open in both directions. How do I be in this experience with this man, without the legacy of my father dictating how I respond? How do I engage in this moment with no last name? What freedoms now exist for me to move into? Interesting questions? I image I will be exploring them for a while. 
Shree is my light. Shree is my medicine. 
Shree is what I offer the world. 
Shree is my new name. 

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