Jan 24, 2011

First Denver Winter

I recently returned from a trip to San Diego, and all of my California friends were asking me the same question: “What do I think of the snow?” Not sure if it’s still a novelty, or if we just haven’t had a lot of snow this year to register, or if my deep rooted desire to more intimately connect with nature leads me to say this, but I’m enjoying winter in Denver. 
The cycle of seasons plays such a vital role in my personal journey of self-discovery, growth and evolution. I find that living where the seasons are more pronounced only intensifies this process for me. My Colorado experience through the seasons has looked something like this so far: 
  • I did my initial house hunting in Colorado during the Spring, and found the season to be in sync with my renewed excitement for life, adventure and spirit opening.  
  • I moved to Colorado in the Summer and was on fire getting my home set up and scouting out my new community and making friends. 
  • Autumn was a powerful time for letting go of attachments, and limiting ways of relating to self and others. 
  • Now that winter is here, I am finding a deeper space of stillness and silence within that I was not able to access while living in San Diego’s 70 degree winters. 

I appreciate the essence of Winters death, and the stillness it offers. Yes, I do feel the “Winter Blues” from time to time, however, there is enough sunshine here to help me out of it.  There is also the hope and excitement about the upcoming Spring, and the exponential expanding I will engage in due to my deeper immersion in Winter. 
I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to make this move in my life, and that I have been blessed with a level of consciousness that enables me to attune myself to seasonal medicine. Connecting with the seasons and the cycles of nature enables me to more fully download ancestral wisdom into my being and strengthen my fundamental trust in the universe. 
Disclaimer: I work from home, so I do not have to shovel my driveway every day and commute in the snow. If that was the case, this blog would have had a different tone.

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